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  1. Apple is a       word.
  A. five-letter          B. five-letters       C. fives-letters      D. five letters               
  2. All the      in the hospital got a rise yesterday.
    A. women doctors         B. woman doctors  
  C. women doctor        D. woman doctor             
  3. After ten years, all those youngsters became      .
     A. growns-up        B. growns-up        C. grown-up        D. grown-ups              
  4. The police investigated the       about the bank robbery.
      A. stander-by        B. standers-by       C. stander-bys      D. standers-by                
  5. She used to have three       .
  A. boys friends        B. boys friend        C. boy friends      D. boy friend                
  6. The committee      been arguing about the economic problems among themselves for many hours.  
       A. have             B. has                C. could have      D. can have                  
  7. Seventy percent      illiterate in that area.
       A. is                 B. are               C. is to be         D. can have                 
  8. His trousers       in his suitcase.
  A. is always kept         B. are kept always
   C. are always kept        D. have always been           
  9. The young couple bought      for their living room.
       A. some new furniture            B. some new furnitures
  C. many new furniture            D. many new furnitures                                
  10. Mathematics     easy to learn.
  A. is                 B. are                 C. can               D. feels                  
  11.The surroundings of his office building       far from clean.
  A. are                B. is                  C. has been          D. do                  
  12. The doctor checked up both Wang's     hearts.
  A. father-in-law's and his brother-in-law's    
  B. father's-in-law and his brother's-in-law
  C. father-in-law and his brother-in-law          
  D. father-in-laws' and his brother-in-laws'      
  13. I had my hair cut at the       around the corner.
  A. barber             B. barbers             C. barber's           D. barbers'              
  14. The woman over there is       .
     A. Julia and Mary mother                 B. Julia and Mary's mother
  C. Julia's and Mary's mother               D. Julia's and Mary mother                      
  15. Only last month I called at     .
  A. my uncle           B. my uncle's         C. my uncles         D. mine uncle            
  16. The students must finish the test in        .
       A. three quarters of an hour time          B. three quarter's of an hour time
  C. three quarters of an hour's time         D. three quarters' of an hour's time                 
  17. His article is better than      in the class.
       A. anyone's else          B. anyone else    
  C. anyone's else's          D. anyone else's            
  18. He is very tired. He needs        .
  A. a night rest         B. rest of a night     C. a rest night       D. a night's rest             
  19.       is covered with heavy snow.
       A. The earth's surface                B. The surface of earth
       C. The surface earth                 D. The earth surface                                   
  20. This question is too difficult, and everyone is       to solve it.
       A. at his wits' end                    B. at one's wits end
  C. in his wits' end                    D. out of his wits end      


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