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来源:学而思英语网 文章作者:学习 2010-06-29 14:50:18

  1. Dorothy was always speaking highly of her role in the play, ________,of course , made the others unhappy.  (2000全国)(B)

    A.who                      B.which                C.this                 D.what

  2. The result of the experiment was very good, _____ we hadn't expected. (2000北京春季)(C)

    A. when     B. that        C. which       D. what

  3. It was an exciting moment for these football fans this year, ________ for the first time in years their team won the World Cup. (2000北京春季)(D)

    A. that      B. while      C. which       D. when

  4. The film brought the hours back to me_________ I was taken good care of in that far-away village.  (01全国)(C)

      A. until               B. that                C. when                    D. where

  5. _________is known to everybody, the moon travels round the earth once every month. 


     A. it                      B. As                  C. That                     D. What

  6. John said he’d been working in the office for an hour, _______ was true.  (01北京春季)(C)

         A.he                B.this               C.which                  D.who

  7. We will be shown around the city: schools, museums, and some other places,    ______ other visitors seldom go.  (02北京)(C)

         A. what                        B. which                      C. where                      D. when

  8. The famous basketball star,        tried to make a comeback, attracted a lot of attention.  (02北京春季)(D)

  A. where               B. when                 C. which               D. who

  9. York, __________last year, is a nice old city.  (03北京)(B)

     A. that I visited         B. which I visited  C. where I visited    D. in which I visited

  10. — Are you still thinking about yesterday’s game?

       — Oh, that’s              .  (03北京春季)(A)

         A.what makes me feel excited                  B.whatever I feel excited about

         C.how I feel about it                                                               D.when I feel excited

  11. We are living in an age         many things are done on computer.  (03北京春季)(D)

         A.which                 B.that                     C.whose                 D.when

  12. Anyway, that evening, ____ I’ll tell you more about later, I ended up staying at Rachel’s place.  (04浙江)(D)

        A. when             B. where             C. what              D. which

  13.  ________ is often the case, we have worked out the production plan.  (04江苏)(D)

     A. Which             B. When           C. What             D. As

  14. George Orwell, ______ was Eric Arthur, wrote many political novels and essays. (04北京)(D)

        A the real name              B what his real name    C his real name           D whose real name

  15. Helen was much kinder to her youngest son than to the others, ______, of course, made the others envy him.  (04天津)(D)

        A who                           B that                         C what                       D which

  16. It was evening ______ we reached the little town of Winchester.  (04天津)(D)

        A that                            B until                        C since                       D before

  17. The journey around the world took the old sailor nine months, _____ the sailing time was 226 days.  (04广西) (A)

        A. of which              B. during which     C. from which          D. for which

  18. I work in a business ________ almost everyone is waiting for a great chance.  (04湖南)(C)

        A. how               B. which             C. where             D. that

  19. There was          time          I hated to go to school.  (04湖北) (B)

         A.a; that                 B.a; when              C.the; that              D.the; when

  20. There are two buildings,         stands nearly a hundred feet high.  (04湖北) (D)

         A.the larger                                           B.the larger of them

         C.the larger one that                               D.the larger of which

  21. What surprised me was not what he said but          he said it.  (04湖北) (A)

         A.the way              B.in the way that    C.in the way           D.the way which

  22. The factory produces half a million pairs of shoes every year, 80%        are sold abroad.  (04辽宁) (A)

         A.of which            B.which of             C.of them              D.of that

  23. American women usually identify their best friend as someone _____ they can talk frequently.   (04上海) (D)

       A. who               B. as                   C. about which      D. with whom

  24. The English play ______ my students acted at the New Year’s party was a great success.

   (04全国I)  (C)

         A for which               B at which                C in which                D on wich

  25. There are altogether eleven books on the shelf, ______ five are mine.  (04全国IV) (C)

         A on which               B in which                C of which                D from which

  26. There were dirty marks on her trousers ______ she had wiped her hands.  (04全国II) (A)

         A where                    B which                    C when                     D that

  27. Luckily, we’d brought a road map without ______ we would have lost our way.


      A. it                      B. that                C. this                   D. which

  28. --- Why does she always ask you for help?

     --- There is no one else __________, is there? (05北京卷) (B)

     A. who to turn to     B. she can turn to   C. for whom to turn        D. for her to turn

  29. He was educated at a local grammar school, ________ he went on to Cambridge.

  (05山东卷) (C)

         A. from which                     B. after that                  C. after which        D. from this

  30. Many people who had seen the film were afraid to go to the forest when they remembered the scenes ______ people were eaten by the tiger. (05广东卷) (A)

    A. in which             B. by which         C. which       D. that

  31. Her sister has become a lawyer,       she wanted to be. (05湖北卷) (D)

         A.who                    B.that                     C.what                   D.which

  32. Frank's dream was to have his own shop ____ to produce the workings of his own hands.

  (05湖南卷) (B)

  A. that                B. in which                 C. by which               D. how

  33. The place _______ the bridge is supposed to be built should be________the cross-river traffic is the heaviest. (05江苏卷) (C)

  A. which; where                         B. at which; which

  C. at which; where                      D. which; in which

  34. The schools themselves admit that not all children will be successful in the jobs ______ they are being trained. (05江西卷) (D)

         A.in that                 B.for that                C.in which              D.for which

  35. I have many friends,         some are businessmen. (05全国卷1) (D)

         A.of them           B.from which            C.who of           D.of whom

  36. If a shop has chairs ________ women can park their men, women will spend more time in the shop. (05上海卷) (D)

  A. that                B. which                      C. when                    D. where

  37. Jim passed the driving test, _________ surprised everybody in the office. (05浙江卷) (A)

         A.which                 B.that                    C.this                     D.it

  38. _________ I explained on the phone, your request will be considered at the next meeting. (05浙江卷) (C)

         A.When                  B.After                  C.As                D.Since

  39. Mark was a student at this university from 1999 to 2003, ____ he studied very hard and was made Chairman of the Students' Union. (05重庆卷) (A)

  A. during which time     B. for which time    C. during whose time   D. by that time

  40. Last month, part of Southeast Asia was struck by floods, from _______effects the people are still suffering. (05天津卷) (B)

         A. that          B. whose          C. those          D. what

  41. I walked in our garden, _______ Tom and Jim were tying a big sign onto one of the trees. (05辽宁卷) (C)

         A.which                 B.when                  C.where                 D.that

  42. Do you still remember the chicken farm ________ we visited three months ago?   (05北京春季)(C)

    A. where              B. when                C. that                  D. what