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来源:学而思英语网 文章作者:学习 2010-06-29 14:48:32


  1. Is there a bar around _____I can have something to eat?

  A. that                    B. what                    C. which                 D. where

  2. The house, _____ was destroyed in the terrible fire, has been repaired.

  A. the roof of which      B. which roof                C. its roof                     D. the roof

  3. Edison made a lot of inventions, ____ of great importance.  

  A. which I think are                                    B. which I think they are 

  C. which I think they                                   D. I think which are

  4. I’ll talk about a newly-opened market ______ you may get all _______ you need.

    A. in which; which                                     B. where; that   

  C. where; what                                        D. which; that

  5. Can you lend me the novel _____ the other day?

  A. that you talked                                                B. you talked about it     

  C. which you talked with                                      D. you talked about

  6. ____ is mentioned above, the number of the students in senior high school is increasing.

    A. Which                  B. As                      C. That                   D. It

  7. The fence in our garden, _____ my father built many years ago, has lasted for a long time.

    A. that                    B. which                   C. what                  D. where

  8. When lost in work, _____ he often was, he would forget all about eating and sleeping.

    A. what                   B. so                      C. just like                 D. as

  9. A football fan (球迷) is _____ has a strong interest in football.

  A. a thing that              B. something that         C. a person who          D. what

  10. We travelled together as far as Chicago, _____ we said goodbye to each other.

    A. which                  B. when                  C. why                    D. where

  11. The matter _____ you were arguing about last night has been settled.

  A. that                        B. what                     C. why                    D. for which

  12. Will you please show me the way to the only tall building _______ stands near the post office?

    A. 不填                   B. in which                C. that                    D. where

  13. His sister had become a teacher, ______ was what he wanted to be.

    A. who                    B. what                   C. that                    D. which

  14. With the development of agriculture, the people _______village I taught before have lived a happy life.

    A. who                    B. whose                  C. in whose                D. in which

  15. I hope you will find this valley a beautiful place _____ you may spend your weekend.

    A. which                  B. that                    C. when                   D. where

  16. He must be from Africa, ____ can be seen from his skin.

    A. that                    B. as                      C. it                      D. what

  17. Both the girl and her dog ____ were crossing the street were hit by a coming car.

    A. which                  B. who                    C. they                   D. that

  18. I, ____ your friend, will try my best to help you out.

    A. which are               B. which is                C. who is                 D. who am

  19. Is this just the city ____ the foreign guests wish to pay a visit _____.

    A. which, to                B. to which, /              C. that, to                 D. to that, /

  20. It’s one of the most interesting stories ___ I have ___ read

    A. which, never             B. that, ever                C. that, never               D. which, ever

  21. On my way home in the street I saw a lady ___ I thought was your aunt.

    A. who                    B. whom                   C. which                 D. whose

  22. I remember that ____ took part in the ball party had a wonderful time.

    A. all                      B. all that                  C. all which               D. all what

  23. This is the largest clock in the world, ____ the minute hand is six metres long.

    A. that                     B. of which                C. which                  D. whose

  24. China is the birthplace of kites, _____ kite flying spread to Japan, Korea, Thailand and India.

    A. from that                 B. from where            C. from there               D. from here

  25. ____ is known to everybody, the moon travels round the earth once every month.

     A. it                       B. As                    C. That                   D. What

  26. Who _____ has common sense will do such a thing?

  A. which                       B. who                          C. whom                      D. that

  27. All the apples _____ fell down were eaten by the pigs.

  A. that                           B. those                         C. which                       D. what

  28. They asked him to tell them everything _____ he saw at the front.

  A. what                         B. that                           C. which                      D. where

  29. I’ll tell you _____ he told me last night.

  A. all which                   B. all what                     C. that all                      D. all

  30. A child _____ parents are dead is called an orphan.

  A. who                          B. who’s                       C. whose                      D. which

  31. Is this the museum _____ you visited the other day?

  A. that                           B. where                       C. in which                   D. the one

  32. Is this museum _____ some German friends visited last Wednesday?

  A. that                           B. where                       C. in which                    D. the one

  33. --- How do you like the book?

  --- It’s quite different from _____ I read last month.

  A. that                           B. which                       C. the one                     D. the one what

  34. Which sentence is wrong?

  A. The finger I dipped into the cup was not the one I put it into my mouth.

  B. Do you know the boy who jumped onto the platform?

  C. Science and new technology have made it possible for farmers to produce more food on the same amount of land.

  D. People in ancient times took it for granted that the sun moved round the earth.

  35. The train _____ she was traveling was late.

  A. which                       B. where                       C. on which                  D. in that

  36. He has lost the key to the drawer _____ the papers are kept.

  A. where                       B. on which                   C. under which             D. which

  37. Antarctic _____ we know very little is covered with thick ice all the year round.

  A. which                       B. where                       C. that                          D. about which

  38. It’s the third time _____ late this month.

  A. that you arrived                                              B. when you arrived 

  C. that you’ve arrived                                         D. when you’ve arrived

  39. He often helps the students _____ he thinks are not quick at their studies.

  A. whom                       B. who                          C. when                       D. because

  40. The Second World War _____ millions of people were killed ended in 1945.

  A. when                        B. during that                 C. in which                   D. which

  41. Mr. Crossett will never forget the day _____ he spent with his various students.

  A. when                        B. which                       C. during which            D. on which

  42. This is just the place _____ I am longing to visit these years.

  A. that                           B. where                       C. in which                   D. to where

  43. We are going to spend the Spring festival in Guangzhou, _____ live my grandparents and some relatives.

  A. which                       B. that                          C. who                         D. where

  44. The hotel _____ during our holidays stands by the seaside.

  A. we stayed at              B. where we stayed at    C. we stayed                 D. in that we stayed

  45. I have bought the same dress _____ she is wearing.

  A. as                             B. that                          C. which                      D. than

  46. He is not _____ a fool _____.

  A. such / as he is looked                                                                         B. such / as he looks

  C. as / as he is looked                                         D. so / as he looks

  47. Is that the reason _____ you are in favor of the proposal?

  A. which                       B. what                        C. why                         D. for that

  48. He has two sons, _____ work as chemists.

  A. two of whom            B. both of whom           C. both of which           D. all of whom

  49. The buses, _____ were already full, were surrounded by an angry crowd.

  A. most of that               B. which most               C. most of which          D. that most

  50. My glasses, _____ I was like a blind man, fell to the ground and broke.

  A. which                       B. with which               C. without which           D. that

  51. _____, the compass was first made in China.

  A. It is know to all                                              B. It is known that

  C. We all know                                                  D. As is known to all

  52. He is a man of great experience, _____ much can be learned.

  A. who                          B. that                          C. from which              D. from whom

  53. It was such a serious mistake, _____ caused by carelessness.

  A. which I think was                                         B. which I think it was

  C. I think which was                                         D. I think which it was

  54. The general at last got a chance to visit the village _____ he used to fight, _____ he had been dreaming of for years.

  A. that / which               B. where / that              C. in which / what         D. where / which

  55. I will hire the man _____ they say is a good English speaker.

  A. who                          B. that                          C. which                      D. whom

  56. I gave him a warning, _____ he turned a deaf ear.

  A. of which                   B. for which                 C. to that                      D. to which

  57. My father has made me _____ I am.

  A. who                          B. which                       C. what                        D. that

  58. She is one of the few girls who _____ passed the examination.

  A. was                          B. were                        C. has                          D. have

  59. You may call on me from one to five o’clock, during _____ I am always at home.

  A. the time                     B. what time                 C. that time                   D. which time

  60. China is the birthplace of kites, _____ kiteflying(放风筝) spread to Japan, Korea, Thailand and India.

  A. from there                 B. where                       C. from where              D. there