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  表示时间的(at 、on、in、at、before ,after、by、 until、through、from、since、within)

      at noon在午时        at night在夜间    at present目前

        on sunday在星期天
        on sunday morning 在星期天的上午 
    on march 8  在3月8日

    in 1999  在1999年      in november  在11月份     
    in summer    在夏季      in the afternoon在下午
    I think he will be back in an hour .我想他一小时后就会回来。
    I heard that she would be back in a month.我听说她一个月后回来的。

    Wei hua got up before 7 o'clock this morning .今天早晨,魏华在7点之前起床了。

      After that ,no noe should ever kill a seagull .  从那时起,任何人不得捕杀海鸥。

      By the time I arrived ,she had already gone .

      Florence often worked for twenty-four hours without rest .

      During the lifetime of one man ,north america and europe  will more further apart by nearly two metres .

      He ,who led the united states through these years ,was shot  on april 14, 1865 ,at a theater in washington

      The worders were made to work from 7 in the morning to 7 in the evening .工人们被迫从早7点工作到晚7点。

      Since that time ,my eyes had never been very good.从那时起,我的眼睛一直不是很好。

      He will arrive within an hour .他一小时内就人到。


  一、用at ,in, on 填空

  1 They have a PE lesson ____________Monday.
  2 Classes begin _______________8:00.
  3 We have four lessons _________________ the morning.
  4 I watch TV play ______________ Friday evening.
  5 My sister play basketball_________ half past four _______ the afternoon.
  6 My parents get up ___________ six thirty every morning.
  7 We have lunch __________noon.
  8 His brother gets lots of presents __________his birthday.
  9 Flowers come out ____________ spring.
  10 She is afraid of going out ___________night.



  1. The play begins at 6: 40 pm. So we have to be at the theatre ________ 6:30 pm at the latest.
      A. after         B. around         C. until         D. by

  2.It must be _____ three hours since I started working.
      A over  B past  C more  D by

  3.I am so  tired ____ three hours'working.
      A before  B after  C from  D for

  4.It's half ____ two.
      A at  B before  C in  D past

  5.I know the time. It's ten ___ four.(3:50)

      A past  B after  C to  D by



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