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小升初英语口语练习必备话题 姓名、年龄等

来源:学而思英语网 文章作者:学习 2010-05-23 17:41:03

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  1. What‘s your name? What’s your English name?

  2. How old are you ?

  3. What grade/class are you in?

  4. Where are you from? Where do you come from?

  5. Are you from Zhangdian ?

  6. What school are you from?

  7. How are you?

  8. What’s your English teacher’s name? How long have you learned English?

  9. What’s your father’s name?

  10. How many people are there in your family?

  11. Which do you prefer singing or dancing?

  12. Do you often go to the zoo?

  13. Which do you prefer monkeys or elephants?

  14. Which do you like best, blue, green or purple?

  15. Do you like your mother?

  16. How old is your father/mother?

  17. Can you play the piano?

  18. What’s your favorite food?

  19. What’s your favorite color?

  20. Can you play the violin?

  21. Which do you prefer, your English teacher or Chinese teacher?

  22. Can you play football?

  23. Which do you prefer, rice or noodles?

  24. Do you like your school? Why?

  25. Which do you prefer ,cartoons or news?

  26. How many bananas are there in the picture?

  27. What color are they?

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