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来源:学而思英语网 文章作者:学习 2010-05-23 17:32:04

[标签:复习 英语]

  Life in the twenty-first century will be very   1  . Many changes will take place, but   2   will the changes be.  
  The population is growing   3  . There will be many   4   in the world and most of them will live   5   than people in the twentieth century.
  Computers will be much smaller and   6   and there will be at least one in every   7  . And   8   studies will be one of the important subjects in school then.
  People will work   9   and they will have more free time for sports, watching TV and travelling.   10   will be much easier and cheaper. And many more people will go to   11   countries for holidays.
  There will be changes in our   12  , too. Maybe no one will eat meat every day, instead, they eat more fruit and vegetables. Maybe people will be   13  . Work in the future will be different, too.   14   and hard work can be done by robots. Because of this,   15   will not have enough work to do .This will be a problem.
  1. A. interesting     B. hard           C. different            D. beautiful
  2. A. why            B. how                C. when                D. what  
  3. A. slowly           B. fast            C. quietly            D. suddenly
  4. A. people                B. workers     C. scientists           D. doctors
  5. A. long             B. longer      C. happy               D. lucky
  6. A. more useful   B. useful        C. helpful            D. less useful  
  7. A. hospital      B. factory      C. home              D. town  
  8. A. science     B. maths        C. English          D. computer  
  9. A. fewer hours      B. more hours  C. eight hours      D. more than eight hours  
  10. A. Seeing doctors    B. Going to the cinema   C. Shopping     D. Travelling
  11. A. rich            B. other        C. poor             D. small
  12. A. food           B. clothes      C. fruit           D. drinks  
  13. A. fatter         B. thinner      C .healthier          D. more pleased
  14. A. Safe         B. Easy         C. Simple         D. Dangerous
  15. A. a few people     B. all the people  C. many people    D. some people


  1. C。以下讲的是二十一世纪发生的一系列的变化,由于变化,生活也就变得与以前不同,故而选C。
  2. D。这些变化会是哪些变化呢?What在这里充当的是表语。
  3. B。众所周知,人口增长速度很快。
  4. A。由上下文可知,这里指人口增多,故选people。
  5. B。由于生活条件和习惯的改变,人们寿命将会更长,所以longer为正确选项。
  6. A。电脑将发挥更大的作用,故选比较级more useful。
  7. C。电脑将走进各家各户。
  8. D。这一小节都讲的是电脑,故选D。
  9. A。根据下文得知人们将有更多的时间用来娱乐,证明工作时间减少了,故选fewer hours。
  10. D。根据下文的for holidays可知这里说的是旅行。
  11. B。由于条件好了,更多的人都能够去其他国家旅游了,故选other。
  12. A。根据下句得知,这里讲的是饮食变化。
  13. C。由于饮食习惯发生变化,人们将更加健康。
  14. D。和hard并列的词应选择dangerous。
  15. C。因为很多工作都是由机器人来完成,那么许多人也就面临着失业的危险。

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