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来源:学而思英语网 文章作者:学习 2010-05-23 17:31:41

[标签:复习 英语]

  Many people go to school for an education.   1   learn languages, history, geography, physics, chemistry and maths. Others go to school to learn a skill so that they can   2   a living. School   3   is very important and useful. Yet no one can learn everything from school. A teacher, no matter how much he   4  , can not teach his students everything they   5   to know. The teacher’s job is to show his students how to read and how to   6  . So much more is to be learned   7   school by the students themselves.
  It is always more important to know how to study by   8   than to memorize(熟记)some facts or formula(公式). It is   9   quite easy to learn a   10   fact in history or a formula in mathematics. But it is very difficult to use a formula in   11   out a maths problem. Great scientists, such as Einstein, Newton and Galileo, didn’t learn many things from school. But they were all so   12   that they invented so many things for mankind.
  The   13   for their success is that they knew how to study. They read books that were not   14   at school. They worked hard all their lives, wasting not a single moment. They would ask many questions as they read and they did thousands of   15  .
  1. A. Students        B. They          C. We            D. People  
  2. A. make           B. do            C. have        D. get
  3. A. education       B. degree      C. lesson      D. task
  4. A. teaches          B. knows      C. learns        D. practises
  5. A. manage         B. expect       C. fail          D. want
  6. A. study           B. play         C. think        D. work
  7. A. From            B. in             C. within       D. outside
  8. A. heart            B. students     C. us             D. oneself
  9. A. not                      B. actually     C. seldom      D. known
  10.A. real             B. true           C. certain       D. great
  11. A. setting         B. working    C. making      D. doing
  12. A. famous       B. popular     C. successful D. modest
  13. A. experiment B. reason       C. result               D. way
  14. A. kept           B. showed      C. expressed   D. taught
  15. A. duties         B. jobs          C. experiments D. records


  1.  B。they指上句中的many people。
  2.  A。make a living意思是“谋生”。这里表示学一门技术来谋生。
  3.  A。school education 意为“学校教育”。
  4.  B。意思是“不管他懂多少”。
  5.  D。表示学生想知道的东西 。
  6.  C。老师不仅教学生文化知识,更应该教会学生如何思考。
  7.  D。指应该更多的从校外获取知识。
  8.  D。study by oneself自学。
  9.  B。actually副词,“事实上”。actually easy 表示“真的很简单”。
  10. C。certain这里指“某一个,固定的”。
  11. B。work out意思是“解出”。
  12. C。上述的这些人都很成功。
  13. B。reason和for搭配,表示“……的原因”。
  14. D。被动语态,表示“学校不教的书”。意思是他们获取了很多课外知识。
  15. B。这些科学家都做了很多实验。

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