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来源:学而思英语网 文章作者:学习 2010-05-23 17:30:47

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  When the boys   1   home, it was eleven o’clock. It was dark   2   but there was a light inside their home and the door   3  . They could see a man inside.
  “Who can   4   be? ” Said Peter. “Mother and Father   5   to do some   6  . They won’t be home   7   eight o’clock. ”
  When the man saw Peter, he looked   8  . Then he smiled and said. “Come in! You don’t know me, but I’m a friend of   9  .” The man didn’t see John.
  Peter went inside and began   10   to the man but John didn’t. He quickly but quietly ran off. He soon found a policeman and brought him back   11   home. The man was   12   there, but when he saw the policeman, he tried to run off. The policeman caught him   13   the arm.  Just then the boys’ parents   14  .
  “Is the man your friend?” The policeman asked Mr. Turner .
  “No, he is a thief. He wanted to steal my money.   15   nice of you to catch him.”
  1.  A. reached   B. arrived at        C. goes to             D. reached to  
  2.  A. out of       B. outside        C. outsides     D. inside
  3.  A. opened     B. was open           C. was opened D. open
  4.  A. he             B. she        C. it              D. that            
  5.  A. have been   B. have gone         C. go             D. went
  6.  A. shops     B. shopping         C. shoppings D. shop
  7.  A. until          B. at           C. to        D. before
  8.  A. frightening B. fear        C. frightened  D. surprised
  9.  A. your father B. your father’s     C. your motherD. your family
  10. A. saying       B. talking             C. speaking     D. telling
  11. A. to           B. to their        C. their        D. at  
  12. A. already      B. always         C. still     D. yet
  13. A. in          B. on          C. at        D. by
  14. A. returned       B. returned back  C. had returned      D. had returned back
  15. A. It’s     B. This’s       C. This is       D. So is  


  3.B。open的形容词还是open,故选 was open, 表状态,意为“敞开着的。
  5.B。 have gone to 表示“去了,还没回来”,have been to 表示“曾经去过”。
  6.B。do some shopping为固定搭配 。
  8.C。frightened 表示人内心的恐慌和害怕,而frightening则表示某物或某事令人害怕。
  9.B。a friend of one’s 表示“某人的一个朋友”。
  10.B。talk to sb表示“和某人交谈”。而speak to sb, say to sb均表示“对某人讲”。
  11.B。 home如果前面不加冠词或物主代词,它则是副词,不能加to。反之则是名词,必须加to。故选to their home。
  13.D。catch sb by the arm表示“抓住某人的胳膊”。
  14.A。由just then 可知这里应用一般过去时。

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