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来源:学而思英语网 文章作者:学习 2010-05-23 17:30:23

[标签:复习 英语]

  It is common in English to ask people about their holidays. In the  
  West, many   1   go away on holiday during the summer months,   2   so it is very usual to   3   about this. If the holiday has not   4   taken place, then their holiday plans   5   be talked about. And if it is already over, then where   6   went, whether they   7   it and so on can be discussed. Similar questions are asked   8   some public holidays.
       9   living and working in China often   10   opportunities for travel, either at weekends or during   11   holidays, so such kind of   12   lead to fruitful discussions. They may be   13   to know if they have chosen the   14   places, especially those a little less   15   ones.
  1. A. factories       B. families      C. schools         D. farms
  2. A. but             B. and           C. because          D. for
  3. A. ask             B. see          C. know            D. write
  4. A. still           B. already      C. yet            D. often  
  5. A. must            B. should      C. need          D. can
  6. A. we              B. he            C. they         D. she
  7. A. liked           B. followed  C. finished          D. found
  8. A. to              B. before       C. with         D. by
  9. A. Visitors        B. Foreigners        C. Strangers          D. Players
  10. A. make           B. carry        C. have            D. keep
  11. A. his            B. her       C. their              D. its
  12. A. Answers        B. exercises  C. excuses          D. Questions
  13. A. glad           B. interested  C. worried         D. lucky
  14. A. right          B. different   C. helpful         D. terrible
  15. A. expensive      B. famous    C. useful            D. friendly


  5.C。在旅游前,人们需要谈论一下计划,故选need 。
  10.C。have opportunities意为“有机会”。
  12.D。本文是围绕人们问旅游方面的问题展开的,故选questions 。
  14.A。他们很想知道自己有没有选对地方,故选right 。

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