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来源:学而思英语网 文章作者:学习 2010-05-23 17:29:57

[标签:复习 英语]

  Dear George,
  Half a year has gone by   1   we said goodbye to each other at the Kaitak airport (飞机场) . Except for   2   hurriedly written notes you have not written to any of your old   3   any letters   4   a few days. We are studying   5   a foreign university, but know   6   of what is going on about you.
  Last night, John, Tom and I   7   a happy reunion (重聚) in dinner. It was all like the old high school   8   except that you were not in this get together.   9   we all felt   10   you. We then began to talk about you and wondered   11   at that moment. At last we   12   to your health.
  What kind of life you are living in London? Is your school-work keeping you   13  ? And there are a thousand things we want to   14  . Please tell us.
  My   15   regards (问候) , also John’s and Tom’s.
                                           Your old friend,
  1.A. since           B. after          C. before        D. when
  2.A. little          B. a little    C. few         D. a few
  3.A. classmates      B. friends’   C. comrades’ D. masters’
  4.A. in              B. for              C. with        D. during
  5.A. in              B. at               C. on        D. to
  6.A. something       B. everything        C. anything   D. nothing
  7.A. made            B. started    C. had      D. did
  8.A. time            B. place     C. days      D. teaching
  9.A. Suddenly        B. But      C. Or       D. And
  10.A. to miss          B. in missing C. miss       D . missing
  11.A. what were you doing       B. what you were doing  C. how were you doing    D. how you were doing
  12.A. drink          B. drank       C. had drunk  D. was drinking
  13.A. busy           B. happy    C. free      D. sorry
  14.A. understand                B. hear       C. see        D. know
  15.A. good             B. better      C. best        D. well


  2.D。a few和few均修饰可数名词,但few表否定。
  5.A。in a university / at university均可以表示上大学,这里因为已有了a故选in,而不选at。
  7.A。have a reunion为固定搭配。
  10.D。feel doing something表示“感觉……”。
  15.C。my best regards相当于my best wishes 。

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