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来源:学而思英语网 文章作者:学习 2010-05-23 17:29:06

[标签:复习 英语]

  “It’s over! Thank goodness!” school was   1   and I was tired. I   2   at the front of the school bus.
  Janie, the driver, tries to   3   the uncomfortable atmosphere by striking the match of talks. I try to listen   4  , but usually I am too   5   thinking about my day. On this day, however, her talk was worth   6  .
  “My father’s ill ,” she said to no one in particular(特别地). I could see worry in her   7  . I had never seen her like this before. She always meets students   8   a smile.
  With a sudden change of interest, I asked, “ what’s wrong with him?”
  With her eyes wet and her voice   9  , she answered, “Heart trouble.” Her eyes lowered as she continued. “I’ve already   10   my mum, so I don’t think I can stand losing him.” I couldn’t answer. My heart ached for her.
  I sat on the   11   thinking of the great pain my own mother was thrown into when her father died. I saw how hard it was, and still is, for her. I wouldn’t want to anyone to go through that.
  Suddenly I realized Janie wasn’t only a bus   12  , that was just her job. She had a whole world of family and cares   13  .
  I suddenly   14   very selfish. I paid no attention to Janie because she was a bus driver. I had judged her by her job and brushed her off as unimportant.
  I shouldn’t have been so selfish and self-centered.   15   people is an art.
  1. A. in                 B. off                    C. over                  D. on
  2. A. ran                B. walked              C. sat                    D. stood
  3. A. rest               B. break                C. close                 D. open
  4. A. polite            B. rude                       C. politely            D. quickly
  5. A. busy              B. free                  C. busily               D. freely  
  6. A. looking at     B. agreeing with    C. talking to          D. listening to
  7. A. eyes             B. face                 C. mouth              D. ears  
  8. A. with             B. within              C. without            D. for  
  9. A. usually         B. usual                C. unusual            D. truly  
  10.A. remembered        B. forgotten          C. lost                  D. missed  
  11. A. seat             B. house                      C. room                D. desk  
  12. A. worker               B. driver               C. teacher             D. doctor  
  13. A. also            B. either                      C. too                   D. at all
  14. A. felt             B. feel                  C. thought            D. was  
  15. A. Looking at B. Understanding   C. Getting to know D. Watching


  1. C。根据上下文Thank goodness、tired的提示,可知是放学了。
  2. C。根据第11选项知道他是坐着的,不是站在公共汽车上。
  3. B。表示打破沉闷的气氛。
  4. C。别人讲话时,你应该有礼貌地去倾听,故选副词politely修饰动词listen。
  5. A。be busy doing表示“忙于做某事”。
  6. D。根据文章可知,今天她的话却值得一听。
  7. A。表示从她眼里可看得出她的担心,而face则应和on搭配。
  8. A。with a smile 表示“面带笑容”。
  9. C。因为悲伤,所以她的声音和平时有所不同。
  10. C。因为她已经失去了母亲,所以不能承受再失去父爱的痛苦。miss表示错过,不表示丢失或失去,故不选。
  11. A。坐在座位上。
  12. B。我们从文章开始就知道Janie是一个驾驶员
  13. C。too用于句末,also 用于句中,而either用于否定句句末。
  14. A。“我”突然地觉得自己很自私。
  15. B。通过“我”的突然醒悟,告诉人们人与人之间的理解是很重要的。

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