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  The women’s college had a very small car park, and because several of the teachers and students, and many of the students’ boyfriends, had cars, it was often   1   to find a place to park. The head of the college, Miss Baker, had a   2   in the car park for her own small car. There were white   3   around it, and it had a small blackboard saying, “Only for Head of College.”
  One evening when Miss Baker got   4   to the college a few minutes before the time all the students should be in, she   5   another car in her parking place. There were two   6   in it, one of her girl students and a young man. Miss Baker   7   that the young man would have to leave soon,   8   she decided to ask him to move his car a bit, for her to park her car in the place for the night   9   going to bed.
  Because the young man’s car was   10   to the railing, Miss Baker had to drive up beside it on the other   11  , where the girl was sitting. She came up on this side,   12   her own window and tapped her horn lightly. The girl was having her head on the   13   shoulder. She looked round in   14  . She was even more surprised when she   15   Miss Baker say, “Excuse me, but may I change places with you?”
  1. A. late        B. difficult     C. important D. quick
  2. A. place     B. seat            C. room         D. card
  3. A. pictures        B. maps          C. lines          D. walls
  4. A. out         B. up             C. away         D. back
  5. A. stopped B. found         C. caught        D. missed
  6. A. boys      B. women       C. teachers      D. people
  7. A. said       B. forgot       C. knew         D. waited
  8. A. until              B. since         C. though              D. so
  9. A. before   B. after          C. about               D .from
  10. A. next     B. far             C. ready         D. same
  11. A. way      B. side           C. hand         D. corner
  12. A. closed   B. pulled        C. opened       D. cleaned
  13. A. car’s    B. woman’s    C. park’s        D. man’s
  14. A. trouble B. time           C. surprise      D. hurry
  15. A. heard   B. learned       C. taught        D. close

  在这篇短文里, Miss Baker 用委婉的说法请求别人让出自己的车位,却遭到别人的误解,令人啼笑皆非。

  1. B。因为停车场小,而车子却多,所以常常很难找到停车位。
  2. A。place表示“车位”。room 作为空间讲是不可数名词,故不选。
  3. C。用白色的栏杆围着,以示私人专用。
  4. D。因为是夜晚,所以是回到学校准备休息了。
  5. B。
  6. D。由下文得知是一男一女,故选 people。
  7. C。因为这是女校,所以她知道这位男士肯定马上要走的。
  8. D。因为她知道这个年轻人很快会走,所以她决定请他让出车位。
  9. A。表示睡觉前要把车子停好。
  10. A。next to 表示“靠近,邻近”。
  11. B。  
  12. C。打开车窗,以便于和那辆汽车里的人讲话。
  13. D。
  14. C。in surprise表示惊讶,根据下一句more surprised可知这里她的反应是惊讶。
  15. A。hear sb. say sth.意思是“听见某人说什么”。

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