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来源:学而思英语网 文章作者:学习 2010-05-23 14:44:20


    Basketball Cheers for Cheerleading

  Cheers for Basketball Submitted by Cheerleaders

  Submitted by: Sweet Thang

  S-i-n-k, sink (players name)

  Sink it, hey!

  Submitted by: Alex

  Take that ball and jam

  Dribble, dribble - slam!

  Submitted by: TexasCheerLove

  We know that we are the b.e.s.t。

  Better than all of the r.e.s.t。

  When we are put to the t.e.s.t。

  repeat 2 X

  Submitted by: Shortie

  You know you can depend on us to get the job done (clap 2 times)

  ’cause when it comes to winning our team is number one

  Say it loud - one

  We are the proud one

  You got it, number one!

  (repeat 3 X)

  Submitted by: Quantanilla

  Go Stallions, go Stallions

  No, we can’t be beat (clap once)

  Go Stallions, go Stallions

  We stomp with our feet (stomp twice)

  Go Stallions, go Stallions

  No one can compete

  Go Stallions, go Stallions

  No, we can’t be beat

  Submitted by: Whitney

  Step aside, Ready!

  We’re Turning Up The Heat!

  We’re on our way to victory,

  We won’t take defeat!

  (x)(x) Go Stars!

  Submitted by: Smiley Di

  Dribble, pass, shoot, SCORE!

  Wait, there’s just a little more!

  Defense, Offense, we have no doubt!

  That’s what we are all about!

  GO Spartans!(team name)

  Submitted by: HornLake Eagles Cheerleader

  Let’s go, fight, win!

  Let’s go (clap clap clap clap)

  Fight (clap clap clap clap)

  Win (clap clap clap clap)

  Repeat desired number of times

  (while jumping up and down)

  We have to go to fight

  and fight to win

  Let’s go, fight, win!

  Submitted by: Meka

  Up, up, up the court

  Down, down, down the court

  Up the court, down the court

  (clap)Shoot 2!

  Submitted by: Cheeringforthefans13


  That’s the way you spell, Rowdie

  Rowdie, let’s get rowdie


  Submitted by: Niki

  We want two from you

  Say, we want two from you!