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  《三国志》History of the Three Kingdoms

  《三国演义》Romance of the Three Kingdoms

  《史记》Records of the Grand Historian

  《孙子兵法》the Art of War by Master Sun

  《孟子》The Words of Mencius / the Book of Master Meng

  《本草纲目》 Outline of Herb Medicine

  《水浒》Outlaws of the Marsh

  《水浒传》The Water Margin or the Outlaws of the Marsh

  《永乐大典》the Great Encyclopaedia of the Emperor

  《汉书》History of the Han Dynasty

  《红楼梦》A Dream in Red Mansions or A Red-Chamber Dream

  《西游记》Story of a Journey to the West / The Pilgrimage to the West / Journey to the West

  《论语》The Analects of Confucius

  《诗经》The Book of Songs

  《资治通鉴》History as a Mirror

  《聊斋志异》Strange Tales from a Lonely Studio