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    One day John and Bill went fishing. John took his    Black with him on the river bank (岸).  When the dog saw  bird,  he  would  run     it and try to     it. "All the fish are afraid and     away when they hear Black ," said Bill. "Be quiet, Black," John shouted at the dog.    Black did not listen to him."Shall we go now, Bill。" asked John, "I shall not bring Black here     ."

     "Wait," said Bill, "a fish is biting (咬) at my line.""Be careful!" shouted John. But it was too     . The boy fell into the water. "Help! Help!" Bill shouted. But John couldn't swim, either.     Black came out. He jumped into the  water  and     the boy onto the bank. He   10   his life.

1. A. fish  B. dog  C. cat  D. friend

2. A. into  B. onto   C. away  D. after

3. A. smell   B. play  C. catch  D. shout

4. A. walk  B. swim  C. fly  D. run

5. A. And  B. Or  C. But  D. So

6. A. too   B. either  C. again  D. also

7. A. late  B. early  C. fast  D. safe

8. A. So     B. At once   C. But     D. Just then

9. A. saw     B. tried to help   C. pulled    D. put

10. A. gave   B. made  C. helped  D. saved

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