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Please answer the questions about the prices of the two hotels.  (注:&=英镑)

                                   GATEWAY        SHERATON
                                     Prices              Prices
    Dates                           14 nights           14 nights
1 Oct -31 Dec                         &495               &546
1 Jan - 31 Mar                         &464               &515
1 Apr - 30 Apr(closed)                    /                   /
1 May - 31 May                        &518              &573
1 Jun - 30 Sep                          &609              &695

(  ) 1.The Sheraton Hotel is ____________than the Gateway Hotel

A. cheaper             B.dearer           C. bigger          D. cleaner

(  ) 2.I want to stay in the Sheraton for two weeks in August. I need about___________.

A. &750              B. &515            C. &690           D. &573

(  ) 3.The two hotels are open for _________months of the year.

A. nine               B. ten               C. eleven          D. twelve

(  ) 4.It is cheaper to stay in the Gateway in May than it is in __________.

A. November          B. March            C. October         D. July

(  ) 5.From October to December it is dearer to stay in the Sheraton than from_____ to _____.

A. June; August      B. January; March     C. May; July      D. July; September


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