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1、In 2004, 16 June falls on a Wednesday. On what day of the week will 16 June fall in 2010?

2、 In a magic square the sum of the numbers in each row, in each diagonal and in each column are equal.  In this magic square the value of x is:
3、If half of a number is 30, then three-quarters of that number is____.

4、The sum of the digits of the following product  999×555

5、Three positive integers have a sum of 28. The greatest possible product that these integers can have is_____.

6、Jack was trying to tessellate regular pentagons. He managed the following figure.
The size of angle .a. is______.

7、If the area of the shaded region of the regular hexagon in the diagram below is 36 cm2, the area of the whole hexagon in cm2 is_____.
8、In what follows, □ and Δ are different numbers.
When 503 is divided by □ the remainder is 20.
When 503 is divided by Δ the remainder is 20.
When 493 is divided by □ x Δ the remainder is_____.

9、A lady, her brother, her son and her daughter (all related by birth) played
volleyball.  The worst player's twin (who is one of the four players) and the
best  player are of opposite sex.
The worst player and the best player are of the same age.
Who cannot be the worst player(s)?
A) brother only B) daughter only
C) son and daughter only D) lady and daughter only
E) lady only

10、If you continue the given number pattern, in what row and in what
position in that row will the number 320 be?
1 -------------- row 1
2 3 -------------- row 2
4 5 6 -------------- row 3
7 8 9 10 -------------- row 4
The answers are given in the order of row ; position.

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