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I 语音与拼写(0.5*10)
A 从A B C D 中找出下列单词黑体部分读音不相同的选项。
1. A. loud         B. enough      C. south      D. mouth
2. A. wondered    B. happened    C. pulled      D. touched
3. A. salt          B. already       C. always      D. animal
4. A.maths        B.clothes       C.thirty       D.thank
5. A.nose        B .hope        C .move      D.post
6. pron __ nc __ tion A.o;ie B.u;ai C. u; ia D.au;a
7. g __ ner. A.e;a B.e;e C.a;e D.a;a
8. __ ment A.monu B. mune C.mone D.manu
9.1o___stA.C O B.ca C.cu D.coa
10.t__w_ A.a;o rds B.o;a C.o;o D.a;a
II 单项选择(0.5*30)
11. Be careful when you are crossing the street. A. Go fast     B. Don't stop  C  Don't run    D. Look out
12. Is there anyone in the room?
A. someone   B. anybody     C. everything    D. anything
13. Tom shouted out," Be careful!"
A. laughed B. called C. smiled D. found
14. The young man was brave when he fought against the thief.
A, quick      B. strong        C. fearless      D. angry
15. A true man fears nothing. A. real        B. brave C. sad          D. happy
16. She was sorry for getting to school so late.
B. heard from    C. regretted D. pardoned
17. We have enough time and we needn't do the work in such a hurry.
A. many      B. plenty of      C. great         D. plenty
18. Take the medicine before you go to bed, please.
A.Smell     B.Have        C.Taste        D.Sell
19. Sony, I don't know what you meant.
A .look       B. see           C. watch        D. look at
20. He wondered who was making faces.
A. didn't know                B. wanted to know C. asked                      D. asked to know
21. This book is well written; it is worth ______.
A. to read    B. reading       C. of reading    D. to be read
22. Peter decided to go _____ the lesson once more before class.
 A.out        B.on           C.over         D.down
23. There is a river ______ the hill.
A. on the foot of                B. in the foot of C. at the foot of                 D. at foot of
24.Wei Fang speaks English better than _____ else in her class.
A. all        B. anyone       C.none         D. every one
25. Betty and John have come back, but _____ students in the class aren't here yet.
A. the other   B. others         C. another       D. the others
26. It will be Children's Day soon, and we're now _____ busy _____ a bee.
A.so;like    B.as;like       C.like;as      D.as;as
27. You'd better ______ late for class, Jim.
A.don't be   B. won't be      C.not to be     D.not be
28. Class was over. The teacher let his students ______ the classroom.
A. leave for   B. leave          C. leaving       D. left
29. The West Lake is _____ in China.
A. most beautiful lake           B. the most beautiful lakes C. one of the most beautiful lake D. one of the most beautiful lakes
30. That's _____ the village lies.
A. where     B.when       C.why        D.what
31. Let's have a party tonight,_____?
A. shall we   B. will you       C. don't you     D. are you
32. This story-book is ______. I wrote ______ name on its cover______.
A. my; my; myself              B. mine; my; myself C. myself; mine; my            D. mine; myself; my
33. My teacher has been here ______.
A. for three o'clock            B. since three hours C. three hours ago             D. since three o'clock
34. This room is not ours. It's _____.
A. Jack's and Tom's           B. Jack or Tom C.Jack and Tom's             D.Jack and Tom
35. My radio doesn't work. I'll have it ______.
A. repair     B. repaired      C. repairing     D. to repair
C 。辨错。下列A B C D 四个选项中只有一处是错误的,请指出。
36. Neither of them was in the room. Maybe they had been to the library.
A           B               C         D
37. We went for  a  outing   to   the sea   on Sunday morning.
A       B          C                    D
38. One can    never learn   a language   without     use it.
A          B                      C         D-
39. You can either     write to me      nor call me        in my office.
A                B              C              D
40. Her mother   said   she had   nothing     to worry.
                  A       B       C         D