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I. 选择填空(Vocabulary and structure)(共20小题,计20分)


31. Something _________ terrible around here.

A. smells B. that is a smell C. smelling D. smell

32. When I was _________ high school, I had a part-time job _________ McDonald's.

A. in; inside B. from; in C. on; at D. in; at

33. I don't enjoy computer games now, but I _________ like them when I was younger.

A. was used to B. used to C. would D. shall

34. -Hi!You look tired.

-Yes, I'm busy _________ for my English exam tomorrow.

A. written B. do C. preparing D. to work

35. If you don't know the meaning of a word, _________ it _________ in a dictionary.

A. look; out B. find; out C. look; up D. watch; out

36. Our teacher _________ happy because no one _________ Julia remembered _________ their


A. isn't; besides; bringing B. can't; only; taking

C. won't; but; to take D. wasn't; except; to bring

37. "Sir, can you please drive faster? I have to get to the station as soon as possible. My train _________ in 20 minutes."

A. started B. leaves C. going D. come

38. He told me that he preferred at home rather than out for a walk.

A. to stay; go B. to sleep; walking C. live; to come D. sat; to be

39. -Why is your leg in plaster (石膏)?

-That's a silly question. I _________ it, of course.

-Someone _________ "Time for a break" on the plaster.

A. break; writes B. will break; writing

C. have broken; has written D. broke; written

40. -Are you going to the picnic with us tonight?


-You won't be late, _________?

A. should you B. will you C. don't you D. can you

41. -Do you like that picture on display?

-It's wonderful. I've never seen_________ picture before.

A. a so fine B. so beautiful C. such a nice D. a such pretty

42. "Show me your paper, please. This is impossible! It _________ be the answer."

A. shall not B. can't C. needn't D. doesn't have to

43. The Klumps _________ one of the funniest movies I _________ seen.

A. is; have B. are; have C. is; has D. are; has

44. _________ years ago, very large animals called dinosaurs _________ in certain areas of the world.

A. Many million; have been living B. Million; had lived

C. Several millions of; are alive D. Millions of; lived

45. Which sign means "Be careful when the floor is wet"?

46. -It's very hot in here. _________

-Of course.

-Thank you.

A. What's the weather like today? B. Could you open the window?

C. How old are you? D. Where are you from?

47. -I feel really hungry. Have you got anything to eat?


-Yes, please.

A. Do you like these flowers? B. Why not?

C. What are you doing? D. Would you like some cake?

48. -Hi Marry!

-Hi Nick!Can I have a quick word with you?


-Can you come to the dance tomorrow night?


A. Sorry, I'm playing basketball. B. Yes, you can.

A. Sorry, I'm playing basketball. B. Yes, you can.

C. Oh, I'm stupid. D. You're welcome.

49. -What are your plans for the summer?


-Oh, it must be very exciting.

A. I won't see you then.

B. I'm going to spend a month in the mountains.

C. You're wrong.

D. I've been to the Great Wall.

50. -I've got to see the dentist. _________

-Have you brought a note from your parents?


-Can I have a look at it?

A. Shall I leave school early? B. Do you like shopping?

C. What's wrong with you? D. Must I have breakfast early?

II. 阅读理解(Reading comprehension)(共20小题,计30分)



Hayao Miyazaki was born in Tokyo on January 5, 1941. As a boy, he liked to read and draw cartoons. After graduating from university in 1963, Miyazaki joined the Toei Animation (动画片制作) Company. At Toei, he worked on many animated movies, like the famous Puss in Boots. In 1984, he made Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind, which was based on a comic book he wrote. Because this movie was so successful, Miyazaki was able to start his own animation company, Studio Ghibli.

One of Miyazaki's most loved movies is My Neighbour Totoro, made in 1987. It is a children's movie, but many teenagers and adults like it too. The movie is about two sisters who become friends with a big, supernatural (神奇的) animal named Totoro. It is a very warm-hearted story, with many strange and interesting characters such as Cat Bus, a cat which is also a bus. Miyazaki's

2001 movie, Spirited Away, was even more popular than My Neighbour Totoro.

All of Miyazaki's movies have strange but charming people and creatures. Many of his stories happen in worlds that are different from ours. However, they still show his ideas about real life. He often points out how humans hurt the natural world. He thinks people should change the ways how they live. This may be why so many people like his movies.

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